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Are you, or is someone you love, struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, or some other dependency? We're glad you found us.

Based in Marin County and led by respected therapist, addiction specialist and interventionist Larry Fritzlan, we among the few professionally licensed psychotherapists doing interventions in the State of California. We can help you and your loved ones navigate the path to recovery from all types of addiction. Call us today. We're with you.

Call us at (415) 945-0923 or email to find out what your options are.

what is an intervention?

An intervention is a transformational process in which the ultimate goal is to start an addicted individual, and sometimes his or her family, on the path toward wellness. There are two main types of intervention:

  • Model 1: "Traditional" Intervention
    The Traditional Model (often called the Johnson or Surprise Model) is the simplest and quickest model of intervention. In essence, concerned family members and others meet and come up with a strategy to confront the addict about his or her behavior. The addict is given a choice of going to treatment or receiving some sort of consequence. The interventionist structures the process and will have identified a treatment center and coordinates transportation to it.
  • Model 2: "Systemic" Intervention
    The Systemic Model (often called the Family Systems Model) sees addiction as part of a family process that involves others. Like the Traditional Model, the goal is to get the addict into treatment. However, every family member is invited to see how his or her role may have contributed to or enabled the current problem, and each family member is invited to participate in the intervention. If you choose this model, our team will work with the addict and the family through the first year of sobriety. 

We rely mainly upon the Systemic Model, to make sure we consider all areas that might need healing in the family system, the environment in which the addiction has operated and progressed. We would typically use a Traditional Model only in urgent situations, in which the addicted individual is gravely impaired, or at serious risk of harming himself/herself or others.

what makes us unique

We are unique in the field of interventions in that we are all licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. We bring to this process decades of professional experience and a track record of helping many families succeed in recovery.

Additionally, we have something that no other interventionist has: integrated treatment. We can move directly from the intervention into our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Or, if your loved one needs to be placed into a residential treatment program, we will coordinate treatment to have him or her placed, upon discharge, into our Extended Care program, which is always recommended after a 30- to 90-day residential stay. See for more information.

what to do next

We will be happy to discuss your family's particular experiences and needs, explain your options, and suggest which approach might be most beneficial. The ultimate decision is always yours.

You've taken the first step by visiting this website. Call us at (415) 945-0923 for help.

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Interventions team members are among the few professionally licensed psychotherapists doing interventions in the State of California.
Call us for help today at (415) 945-0923.

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