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An intervention is a transformative process. Read about the two specific types of intervention on our home page.

The addicted individual and his or her family have often been caught in a long downwards spiral. An intervention can be the turning point – the point at which the process reverses and movement toward health and wellness begins.

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Twenty-six years ago, a professional intervened with me. My life is an example of what can happen when professionals intervene effectively and guide an individual and his family toward wellness.

We at Interventions are licensed mental health professionals who are trained specifically to intervene and treat individuals and families suffering from the following issues: teen drug and alcohol addictions, adult drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, gambling, and family responses to an addict.

People often ask what the intervention will look like: What can we expect? Every family is different, and our approach is customized to the needs of each. The extent to which we intervene and treat the addicted individual and/or family will depend on which type of intervention you choose to go with. When necessary, we coordinate treatment with residential and intensive outpatient programs (IOP's) that work from a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach. We invite you to learn about our Optimal Recovery Program, one of the most comprehensive IOP's in the Bay Area, offered through Larry Fritzlan Recovery Services; this program works with the family through the entire first full year of recovery.

Please give us a call. Healing can happen.

Larry Fritzlan

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The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual.

M. Scott Peck

Interventions team members are among the few professionally licensed psychotherapists doing interventions in the State of California.
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